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Alain Soral – FAQ by Guillaume Durocher

From The Occidental ObserverPosted: 03 Jul 2014 Gallic greetings Alain Soral has become an influential presence on the French political and cultural scene. The following attempts to shed some light … Continue reading

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Pierre Hillard on Globalism

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The Ecological Empire and the Planetary Totalitarianism

About Pascal Bernardin book, L’Empire écologique Article taken from: Above Top Secret   Translator’s Note. – I thought it would be interesting to reproduce this article here on ATS. This … Continue reading

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Neuro-Hackers, Neuro-Slaves: Lucien Cerise’s speech

• Summary: 1. Introduction. 2. Hacking and cognitive programming. 3. The two steps of epigenetic neuro-hacking: phishing and triangulated conflict. 4. First step. Phishing: Invisibility and Impunity. 5. Karpman’s triangle, … Continue reading

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Hervé Ryssen: why i am a “racist” and an “antisemite”

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Dieudonné’s one man show “Mahmoud”

Part 1:

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How do “they” manipulate us ? By Lucien Cerise

Talking about manipulation, and means of control with Lucien Cerise: • Summary: 1. What is Social Engineering ? 2. Human brain’s manipulation & computers’ system: formatting human brain. 3. From … Continue reading

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